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Do I need to switch the system on and off everyday for it to work?

No they switch on themselves when they sense enough daylight and switch off when the sun goes down.

Do they still work on cloudy days?

Yes they will produce around 50 – 70 percent on cloudy days. You will even get some benefit when it’s raining.

What about maintenance?

Just a quick blast off with a hose to remove any debris and a quick check over is all that’s usually needed.

Are the systems reliable?

Yes. They have no moving parts so they are very reliable.

How long do the systems last?

They have a 25 year manufacturers warranty, but the systems that were installed 25 years ago are still working now and the new panels are now built even better.

How long does it take for the system to pay off?

Well if you factor in the utility companies rate hikes. It generally takes around 9 years before you would have spent the same amount on electricity.

Are there loans available?

Yes there are solar specific loans with very low interest rates available and the monthly payments can be lower than what you are currently spending on electricity.

Do I qualify for the rebate scheme?

Yes normally everybody is entitled to the rebate scheme, but we have to check with your utility company to see exactly how much.

Are the tax credits still available for solar?

Yes. Currently it is around 30% of the installation costs after the rebates have been deducted.

Do I get paid for any excess electricity I produce but don’t use?

It depends on your utility company. Some do and some don’t but the ones that don’t, normally give you credit for the extra power so you can claim it back on the months that you don’t produce as much as you use.

How does going solar reduce my carbon footprint?

You no longer depend on dirty coal burning power stations that pollute the air and destroy our environment. Or even nuclear power stations like Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Is my property strong enough to take the added weight?

Normally yes because the extra weight is very spread out, but at ace solar we always asses your property and work with reliable structural engineers to come up with the best and most efficient way to deal with it.

Will the installation damage my roof in anyway?

No. There are special brackets and equipment to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Does the direction my roof is facing make a difference?

Yes. South facing is optimal to catch the sun all day long, but anything from east to west is still acceptable. We can even lay the panels flat if necessary.

What are my first steps to getting an accurate solar bid?

Start by filling in your information on our contact page and hit submit. Also contact your utility company online or by telephone and ask them for copies of your last 12 months of electricity bills, if you don’t already have them. This is very important so we can asses your usage. This determines how big the system needs to be.

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