What is The Rebate Scheme

The rebate scheme is a government funded incentive package that is distributed by the utility companies. The amount varies from utility to utility and is based on how much electricity the system produces. It is a tiered system that constantly drops as more megawatts of solar are installed.

Basically meaning the sooner you switch the more of the installation cost will be covered so you will save more money.

Why Financing…

We know that a majority of people would much rather use financing as oppose to paying the whole amount. We also wanted to take this moment to explain to you some of the benefits of why financing might be a better option for solar panels.

If you didn’t know, finance interest rates are so low for solar that the monthly payment is often less than the electricity bill itself. So you are literally saving from day one of switching to solar power electricity.

Once your loan is payed off you will really start to save because you’ll actually be getting free electricity! Well it’s free if the sun is shining.

Why Convert to Solar Energy?

So why should you convert to solar energy? Below is the main reason as to why you should switch.

In California the cost of electricity has risen by 7% over the last 30 years! I’ll say it again, 7% over the last 30 years.. So if you’re not using solar energy then your actually going to be paying more than double for the same amount within 10 years.

Which basically means that when you convert to solar, you exempt yourself from any of the major rate hikes.. I must also add that not only do you exempt yourself from increasing rates, but the actual value of your property will increase as soon as you install solar panels!

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